Dear Journal,

I had the best time with Jennifer! Our time together started off a bit boring though…immediately after the meeting last Thursday Jennifer took me to Powell and I just sat there and watched her study for a good hour or two. o.O Afterwards, she took me home and I was reunited with my long lost MOTW friends Judy and Minh, who also happen to be Jennifer’s roommates. It was certainly a nice surprise to see them again! Later on, Jennifer disappeared for an hour or two before coming back super late and taking me back home with her to Orange County. My trip down to the car and to the OC was super fun! Woot 714! Jennifer tightly strapped me to her rolling duffel bag and wheeled me down in style! Weeeeeee! Is that what sitting in a stroller feels like?

The rest of the weekend, Jennifer went to CSULB for her friend’s graduation and ran lots of errands while I stayed in her room and met some awesome new friends! There was Minnie Mouse, a dog named Yodels, and two turtles, just like half of me! And best of all, an owl! I have to say, I think owls are my favoriteeee animals! ;) 

The Memorial Day weekend ended early for Jennifer since she came back up to LA on Sunday, but not for me, I’m always on vacation! hehe. Jennifer was jealous that I didn’t have to study and could hangout anytime I wanted or go on Tumblr without feeling guilty. Ohh the sweet life. 

The rest of the week, Jennifer didn’t have time to take me out because she had lots of studying to do. However, she did take me to see the sneak peek of Winnie the Pooh at Ackerman last night! The movie was super cute! I’m glad Jennifer decided to take a long studying break and made the effort to walk back to her apartment to get me! Ohhh, plus, I got to see Jennifer’s hubby Willis! He (still) exists after all!  

All in all, I had a wonderful week! As with Nguyet, I’m glad I finally got to spend the week with Jennifer after waiting 4 long years! I think the last 2 weeks were the best of my life! There’s something about the women in the Pajama Pirates family that leave me wanting more, hehe. Well, that’s it for now! I can’t wait to meet the Member of the Quarter and go on an adventure with him/her next! 

Love, Turkey

P.S. I’m sad that all the seniors are graduating. :( Good luck in the real world! We will all miss you guys very much. Please don’t forget to visit once in a while! <3 And good luck on finals everyone!

P.P.S. Shout out to my favorite family of all times, the Green Owls! Hoot Hoot! And Pajama Pirates and the House of Boo! 

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