Dear Diary,

 I don’t know if you all know this but Nguyet is the most intelligent, funny, amazing, and beautiful inside and out person I have ever gotten the privilege to spend a week with. She is definitely one of my favorite people on this planet. I can’t believe I had to wait 4 years to meet such an awesome person. She told me the story about how she ended up in Circle K and how much she had to work to get me. She also told me that some bad people wanted to steal me away from her last week. She didn’t want to name names. But I will! A certain someone *cough* Richard *cough* tried to challenge her but completely failed. Her piece of advice for those people: if you want to be member of the week, you actually have to do service! But it’s okay. Maybe next time muhahahahahaha.

Anyways this week has been utterly fantastic. Nguyet went to the Newsletter Workday and the K-Fam and Tech Committee meeting. On Tuesday, she lost her phone! But then later, she found out that it was in Eugene’s car. Why, you ask? No silly, she’s not cheating on Gerardo! They went to Culver City Kiwanis. Later that day, Nguyet went Horseback riding. She didn’t want to bring me just in case she would drop me down the cliff. Finally, yesterday, she lost all her service dollars in the raffle but then Luke bought her some boba. I had a taste and it was delicious! All in all in was a great week.



P.S. Nguyet wants me to say a shoutout to her Mama Jessie, her Papa Minh, her hubbie Gerardo and all her Weasley cubbies! And a big thank you to the 2010-2011, and 2011-2012 board for all the support, especially her soul sister Jen Lai. P.P.S. Nguyet is the technically the third Yeti in a row to win Member of the Week, but she has a feeling that it’s going to be Pirates domination from now on. Go Pajama Pirates!

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