Wow, this week with Billy sure was full of ups and downs.  It started out fun enough, I got to go to 1919 for dorm dinner and spend some quality time with some of the older members who couldn’t get swiped into the theme dinner…I was having so much fun I made Billy stay late even though he had a midterm the next day hahahaha.  Things were even better on Friday, as Billy took me to hang out with Neil and Stephanie Nguyen before Humans vs. Zombies…I finally got to try that new dessert at Café 1919. It was soooooo yummy.  Then during Humans vs. Zombies I pwned every single round, never even once getting turned into a zombie…even if it was cause I hid in Billy’s backpack the whole time.  Afterwards I wanted to go to amnesia night at Rouel’s place but Billy said he was too tired to go…not cool.

Then from Saturday on my week with Billy was not too exciting…he spent pretty much every day until Wednesday studying for an organic chemistry midterm because he procrastinated for four weeks.  And the one event he did go to, Campus Recycling, he left me behind which made me sad.  He did bring me to his family dinner on Monday though, which was amazing because they had churros…I smuggled out like 20 in my shell ssshhhh.  Oh and in case you’re wondering if all those stories about Garvey being a hater are true…they are, enough said. 

Wednesday night after Billy’s midterm was fun too.  Billy and his roommates were playing songs straight out of the 90s for hours.  Britney Spears, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, TLC, you name it.  And after a long conversation Billy and I both agreed NSYNC was better than the Backstreet Boys, sorry Stephanie!

Until next time,


P.S.-Check out my new tumblr…uclaturkey.tumblr.com :D

P.P.S.- Only a few more weeks of school left, c’mon UCLA Circle K lets beast through this!

P.P.P.S.- Good luck to Stephanie Wong on her MCAT tomorrow, all of us believe in you Steph… you got this!

P.P.P.P.S.- Shout out to House of Mike and Yo Yo Yetis Fam you guys rock

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