My time with Stephanie wasn’t all that exciting since she had to study for the MCAT most of the time. She said it was her first and last opportunity to spend time with me though so she told me to write more in my journal. She brought me to dorm dinner where Billy tried to show off the Chinese he learned from Stephanie. Though he didn’t really know what he was saying, his message was well received. I think he should show off his Chinese skills again. Some people at the table were discussing the Yeti brothers. They agreed that Billy is the trouble maker, Garvey is the hater, and Edwin is the nice brother. I certainly agree whole-heartedly with them. After awhile, Stephanie left me to get more food. Brian swiped me from her chair and was doing unspeakable things to me. Luckily, Stephanie’s daughter, Stephanie, saved me.

 On Sunday, some people wished Stephanie a happy Mother’s Day. I was a bit jealous. I think they should have a Turkey Day.. oh wait.. they do. I don’t think I want to be appreciated that way.

I got angry at Stephanie on Monday, because she left me to eat with the Yetis. She made up for it on Tuesday and brought me to Rendezvous. She ate with Billy and Brian. Jonjon and Winnie joined for a bit. I got scared and was hiding behind Stephanie because Jonjon wasn’t wearing a shirt under his jacket and he was slowly unzipping it. I thought he was trying to seduce me. Around 5’o clock, Stephanie drove Garvey and his haterade to Smart and Finals. He kept testing out his pick-up lines. I was face-palming the whole trip. I guess that torture was worth it since Jaimie and Nguyet delivered a scrumptious Vietnamese sandwich and cup of milk tea to Stephanie that she shared with me.

Tata for now!



P.S. Stephanie made me a name tag with a soda cup lid since I lost mine a while ago.

P.P.S. I heard her grandcubbie Michael got a scholarship! You should congratulate him

P.P.P.S. How do you say it again, Billy? 我愛你的。。。(Wo ai ni de… ) what were the last two words?

P.P.P.P.S. The Grangers are like exothermic reactions spreading their hawtness everywhere

P.P.P.P.P.S Fuzzy Fantoms, Hungry Hungry Domos, and Yoyo Yetis are very smexy families

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